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Grow Dryland by A2WH supports starting trees on dry desert land where there is no irrigation.

Grow trees in the dry desert during the worst drought details

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Grow Dryland supports starting trees in areas where seedlings would normally die of thirst. When combined with our full planting system Grow Dryland can support growing tree species in the deep desert which would normally be unable to survive at that location and it can do this without pumping groundwater and without water delivery.

Our Solar powered Grow Dryland extracts water from the air which is delivered directly to the seedlings roots and can keep the seedling alive in locations where they would normally die from dehydration. The tree uses this water as it grows deeper roots that can allow it access soil moisture deeper underground and eventually survive without auxiliary water.

Grow Dryland is ideal if you want to start trees in areas where trees can survive once they are large enough but the seedlings would die from dehydration before their roots can reach the deeper moist soil.   When combined with our larger planting system Grow Dryland can even support trees in dry and barren desert locations. 

A2WH technology can reliably produce water in areas where there is little or no rain; in fact it will deliver the most water during the hottest, sunny and dry parts of the year, which is when fragile seedlings need the most water.   Other water storage and dew harvest devices may not have any water left during the critical part of the year when A2WH is delivering the most water.   Since Grow Dryland A2WH produces water directly from the air and since it's production rises during the summer months it is completely immune to drought.

When used with a wick system, the water collected by the A2WH unit can guide the seedling’s roots deep below the surface where soil moisture is sufficient for the tree to continue to develop and thrive.  Once the plant is large enough to grow on its own the Grow Dryland can be moved to support a new seedling.    When combined with a bio-sponge and land profiling techniques the A2WH unit can support tree seedlings in the most hostile and desolate conditions.  

Grow Dryland is not a fog capture system and uses entirely different physics with most of the working energy being provided in the form of solar heat.  Grow Dryland works well in dry desert conditions without supplemental water.  Grow Dryland will deliver the most water during the hottest summer day when many other AWG (Atmospheric water generator) technologies fail.

Where to use Grow Dryland:

Grow Dryland is best combined with the rest of our planting process which can help grow trees in the most hostile hot and dry locations.     Many locations only need a small portion of the planting process.   Our goal is to provide the technology and process that will allow high survival rates in the most challenging conditions.  

We fabricate these units as we receive orders in our facility near Seattle Washington.  We test every unit before shipping and it can take a few weeks to work through the full process.   Each unit contains the main A2WH Grow Dryland device which includes the solar electric panel and battery needed to allow it to operate.   The user must supply the local planting supplies and the wick if desired. 

A2WH technology is patented in the USA with international patents pending.    A2WH also produces larger AWG (Atmospheric Water Generation) units which extract water from air using solar energy.   A2WH units can be assembled in farms to produce thousands of gallons of water per day. We also have plans that can allow very large A2WH units that are constructed in village and can deliver hundreds of gallons of water per unit.

A2WH technology uses Solar heat for the primary energy source with a small amount of electricity to run the sensors and fans.   The required electricity is supplied by the included solar panel and a battery.       A2WH was designed for sunny locations and it requires sun to operate     A2WH will not produce as much water during the winter or periods with heavy cloud cover.   Do not purchase locations where little solar energy is available as A2WH or areas where Photo Voltaic solar panels would not be effective.

Feel free to contact us with questions 206-601-2985
water drops forming on the Grow Dryland skin
Water drops forming on interior of the Grow Dryland skin
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Why Grow Dryland and Trees

“Grow Dryland” was invented to reverse desertification worldwide. It is part of a larger program designed to revitalize large areas of degraded and desertified land. This plan centers around starting profitable trees because: Our assertion is that we need people living in desertified areas to plant, maintain and protect the trees needed to revitalize the land. To gain their enthusiastic support they need to gain local benefits, income or food from those trees. We focus on strategies synergistic with the needs of local farmers and local villagers who we believe will make the best long term stewards. All plans require money to get started but unlike many approaches our plan can deliver a profit so it is not entirely dependent on charity or government funding.

Light Weight A2WH for Potable Water:

Picture of portable A2WH system designed for fast and easy setup

We designed these units so they can be lashed to the top of a refugee shack to produce survival water or staked to the ground for people camping or remote mining sites and mobile scientific bases. They can also be easily intalled wherever there is full sun. They are small enough to pack in a basement or closet for those living in earthquake and hurricane zones and then they can be pulled out and set up quick after the disaster.

For emergency response hundreds of new mobile A2WH units can be stored in a single 20 foot cargo unit and then delivered by helicopter for rapid setup. Once they are in place there is no further need haul in water so you can focus on providing medicine, food and shelter.

We are accepting reservations for orders from people in the USA for quantity 15 orders.   Do not send us money but rather send an email indicating how many units you are comitting to buy at that cost.   Once we have enough orders accumulated to run a production run (minimum 1,000) units we will contact you to pay for your units.   If you do not pay at that time you will go to the end of queue for the next production run.   We reserve the right to request a deposit to reserve your spot in the production queue.   The costs may change as our materials costs change but once we accept your payment in full then we lock in your price. These units may not be exported without our explicit written permission

For those who just can not wait we can produce these units at $4,500 each for quantity 10. We hand produce these short runs in our lab near Seattle WA. The advantage of these units is that they are extensively tested at every step. This disadvantage is that they do not look quite as polished as the large run units.

Picture of A2WH lightweight unit showing condensation on the skin

Production versions are approximately 60 inch by 60 inch"

For international shipments we add the cost of local patent to the first shipment into the country. That means your first order will cost an additional $3,500 to $18,000 depending on the cost of the IP filing in your country.

For emergency response and humanitarian agencies once you haul in a load of A2WH devices, within 11 days they will produce their own weight in water and will keep on producing water several years which dramatically reduces the costs associated with delivering water over the medium to long term. A2WH does not require any source water to filter which means it can work in just about any sunny location world wide. With A2WH you can skip many future shipments along with the associated docking and logistics and local people fees. When these costs are factored in A2WH can be very cost effective saving dozens of times it's original cost. In addition the A2WH water is distributed nature and can be installed close to the tents, shacks or homes of the people you service so they are not forced to walk back to a central distribution point every day. This can provide benefits of reducing the spread of disease because you have removed a central assembly points with long lines which are the perfect locations to transfer disease. With A2WH since each system is seaprate, if one point source of water is contaminated due to local neglect it only affects a small number of people and we can easily add ozone treatment that will also provide short term disinfectant features without chemicals

Disclaimer: Production does vary by location. We specifically designed A2WH to produce the most water during the hottest sunniest day of the hottest summer month when water is most needed, the tradeoff is that it produces less water when there is less sun or the sun is weaker. The 1/2 gallon estimate is based on a sunny day June - August in climate similar to Atlanta Georgia, Hawaii or Key West, FL. The system is solar limited so on days with lots of clouds, during the winter or if shaded from direct sun production will be less. We designed for a nighttime humidity above 65% during the coldest part of the night. The system will continue to work with lower nighttime humidity but the production will drop sharply when humidity drops below 50% during the coldest part of the night. Humidity rises at night as the temperature drops so most locations can provide humidity above 50% at night most of the time. We can modify the system to work with nighttime humidity as low as 20% but it does increase the cost.

Original A2WH Product Overview

A2WH organic cement unit with back mounted condenser.  Organic cement modling was developed as a candidate to allow in-village construction

The A2WH system produces pure potable water from air using only solar energy.  It operates with a much lower operating cost than other AWG systems because it does not require large amounts of electricity.

The A2WH system absorbs moisture at night when humidity is relatively high and converts what it absorbed the prior night into liquid water the following day using solar thermal heat. Well over 90% of the energy used in the system is solar heat. A2WH is a new generation of solar powered atmospheric water generator device (AWG) which are also known as water maker devices (WM) and Water Air Extraction Devices (WAED). A2WH is not a fog or dew capture system and uses a completely different process. ">

In A2WH systems all condensing occurs at near ambient and does not require any refrigeration. Air filters are used to filter the air before the absorption which keeps the interior of the system clean.

A small amount of energy is delivered by Photo Voltaic panels which operate a microcomputer control system, sensors, blowers, pumps, etc.
A2WH main unit sout tilt no 3

Producing water where it is needed:

Imagine the ability to deliver safe drinking water in places where there is no power, no safe ground water, no available surface water and no viable rain capture. Imagine doing this where there isn't even any salt water or where the salt water is too contaminated to allow effective treatment.

Every day solar heat cycles 1,356 cubic kilometers (358 trillion gallons) of water through the atmosphere.  A portion of this blows over  land where our AWG units can capture it and turn it back into fresh, pure liquid water usable for drinking,  cooking and crops. Our A2WH units can do this in the hottest deserts and in fact run best in hot sunny locations where water is needed the worst. We do not need rain, fog or any other form of precipitation.

Our A2WH design has few moving parts which are easily serviced and can use low grade heat from simple solar collectors. This systems unique design makes it environmentally friendly  and suitable for cost effective scaling from small household models through industrial and institutional systems producing many million gallons per day.   


Water is essential for human life. We drink it and use it for our crops. Water is already scarce and becoming ever more valuable. In fact the UN has predicted wars over access to fresh water. Shortages of water in California have already caused more than 100,000 acres of farmland to lie fallow as a result of the 2008 drought.

Over 70% of earths surface is covered with water but very little of this water is useful for humans to drink or grow crops. 97% of all water is saline contained in the oceans which leaves only 3% as freshwater. 70% of the freshwater is locked up in ice leaving 22% as ground water and surface water. Ultimately less than 1% .of the world total is represented in lakes, rivers and wetlands.

Adequate water is essential  for economic and political growth and stability. Our technology is specifically designed to deliver water in locations where unsafe or insufficient water is available. It was invented to allow continued development in areas where all other water sources have been exhausted or are fully allocated.   

Ultimately we hope to see our water from air technology used to reverse desertification by providing sufficient water to establish green zones in the deserts. This will ultimately reduce food insecurity, reduce the risk of drought induced famine and reduce the poverty induced when people are forced to scavenge on a day to day basis just to obtain enough water to meet their basic needs.

A2WH main unit sout tilt no 1

How does A2WH work?

The A2WH system uses a desiccant to absorb moisture from the air. The higher the humidity the more water our desiccant can absorb per pass which increases production.  

We use solar heat to drive both the airflow for the absorption process and to provide heat during the regeneration process which extracts the moisture from the desiccant and allows us to capture the water in liquid form.

A sophisticated micro controller based sensor system determines when to switch between absorption and regeneration modes. We use different types and amounts of desiccants depending on the local conditions to optimize the performance of the system. A small Photo Voltaic solar panel provides power for the micro controller, sensors, various valves, etc.      

We have an optional enhancement that uses wind energy (wind over 4.5 MPH) to drive circulation at night when the relative humidity is higher. To make this work best we increase the weight of the desiccant used in the system. In some areas with good nightly wind this allows the unit to work in areas with daytime humidity as low as 10%  We have optional enhancements which allow electric fans and heaters to augment or replace the solar heat.

The input air is filtered before it enters the absorption chamber where the desiccant absorbs water out of it. The air is re-filtered when heated for regeneration. A final stage of filtering is used as the air enters the condensation phase where the H2O is turned into liquid water.  As a result the output water is very pure. We still recommend treatment  using a NSF 54 grade filter prior to consumption because we do not have any control over the cleanliness of the storage tank.

Our difference from common market units.

Most Air to water systems use refrigeration to chill air to the dew point that means that as the dew point drops the more the unit must do more work to sufficiently chill the air. This causes them to use large amounts of electricity. It is fairly common for electric units to consume of 2.2Kwh per gallon produced which gives them a high variable operating costs which can exceed 40 cents per gallon.

We designed A2WH units to operate entirely from solar energy. This is mostly solar heat with a small amount of solar electricity used to operate valves,  sensors and the electronic control system. This allows our system to operate much more efficiently which is especially important in areas where electricity is expensive such as islands where electricity is generated using imported fuels.  

Most AWG systems are built around a refrigeration system which is very similar to that used in small electric air conditioners. The best units consume 600 to over 3,000 watt hours per gallon of water they produce. The industry average trends show consumption over 2,2000 watt hours per gallon which rise rapidly as humidity drops.    

A2WH functions with no external electricity. This saves 3,000 watts per gallon. Our novel design and control system allows it to efficiently extract water in a wide range of conditions including conditions where electric AWG units become inefficient or do not work at all.

NOTE:  We recently received a letter from a man who has a 40 acre ranch in a remote part of Arizona. He purchased an electric refrigeration unit. After investing $29,000 in solar panels and batteries his unit still doesn't work when the humidity drops below 48% RH and still does not deliver the rated production.

Our units can reduce carbon emissions by over 5 pounds of carbon per gallon produced as compared to grid powered electric systems. (2.2 pounds carbon per KWh saved * 3000 watts per gallon = 6.4 pounds of carbon per gallon  of water). Even a small 6 gallon per day system this adds up to nearly 11,000 pounds reduced carbon emissions per year.

Our system uses solar thermal heat to harvest water from air even when the air has low humidity. Unlike radiant condensation systems this system actually produces during the dry months even when there is no dew and it's production can go up in windy locations which can prevent radiant chilling systems from working at all. Our technology can work in conditions where the dew point is far below the chilling level delivered by radiant chilling panels.

Our most important difference is the compatibility of the core design for scaling efficiently into millions of gallons per day at a reasonable cost. It's other major benefit is compatibility with remote areas where grid power is either unavailable or expensive. In some areas our units can be installed in mountains outside of towns and provide both water pressure and electricity for the town. Rather than exaggerate summer power shortages our system can actually help reduce these shortages.

When a cost per gallon range is supplied the high end is qty 1 while the low end is qty 5,000. All costs are basic estimates and are influenced by region and fluctuating materials costs. All orders must be pre-paid and we lock prices in when the payment is received by pre-purchasing the supplies at that time.    

To use this to calculate capital investment. Choose a system size such as 5,000 gallon per day system at $0.09 per gallon. Multiply daily production by 365 days per year to find the system will produce approximately of 1,825,000 gallons per year and 36,500,000 gallons during it's useful life. To obtain the capital cost you then multiply 36,500,000 * $0.09 per gallon = $3,285,000 purchase price. You should add local installation costs of about 20% and 7% annual service.



We believe that no child should ever be forced to skip school to walk miles to fetch water and those who are forced to do so are handicapped in their ability to grow, thrive and contribute for the rest of their lives.   We believe that no woman should be forced to spend her hours walking to fetch safe water because all humans can make a unique and special contribution world but not when they are spending their lives to simply fetch water or gathering fuel to boil water.   We invented A2WH to solve this problem by delivering water directly from the air using only renewable energy because that was the best way we could find to ensure those people continued to reliably recieve the water they need in-spite of drought and missing or broken infrastructure. Joe Ellsworth (2007)

Want to Help?

We can use a wide variety of help contact us at info-@-a2wh.com and let us know how you would like to be involved or call 206-601-2985 USA.
  • Those willing to help fund charity projects where we use A2WH devices for the benefit of the very poor
  • Philanthropists who want to demonstrate that it is feasible to reclaim degraded lands without negatively affecting the local villagers and local farmers ability to support their families
  • Philanthropists who are interested in demonstrating that it is possible to reclaim massive amounts of land using bottom up strategies which provide the most benefit to very poor subsistence farmers
  • Philanthropists who want to deliver solutions which can be self-perpetuating where human self-interest will continue to deliver environmental and economic recovery long after their money has been spent.
  • Philanthropists who support programs that can return their original money with a profit so they can turn around and help even more people without depleting their capital base
  • Philanthropists who want to ensure herders and multi-generation farmers are not forced to sell their herds at a extreme discount and relocate to the city where they are likely to be unhappy. Those interested in boot strap approaches which can create permanent local improvements that are self-sustaining will be the best fit.
  • Philanthropists interested in reclaiming land that is so degrades people are mass-migrating out of the area. But doing the reclamation in a way which can eliminate the need to migrate, reduce drought ability to cause famine and reduce food insecurity all while restoring life across large areas of degraded land.
  • Host local tests of the equipment on your land and co-publish the results requires a few summer weeks
  • Host local tests of the full planting system on your land and co-publish the results - multi-year
  • Blog about A2WH Grow Dryland by responding to articles about how A2WH can solve the problem described in the article
  • Local farmers interested in partnering with us to demonstrate rehabilitation of desert or degraded land to produce valuable crops and are able to provide local labor to administer the test
  • Qualified investors who want to help bring a truly world changing technology to market at rational ROI
  • Industry leaders who need water to locate factories in water scarce areas.
  • Land developers who can acquire land which cannot be developed due to lack of water at a substantial discount who are interesting in working with us to prove our system as a water source. This is most effective where addition of reliable water can substantially increase the parcel's value
  • Ecologists and others who want to Reverse Desertification, improve resiliency to drought and establish life oasis in barren desertified areas
  • Those looking to rehabilitate degraded, desert and early worthless land and so it can be sold at a profit.

Contact us for more information

Call 206-601-2985 or Send our sales department an email.  

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(WATER Conservation) Reduce Evaporation Losses from Reservoirs and Lakes. A perfect companion for A2WH and can deliver an even lower cost per liter.

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Joe Ellsworth.com  Joe is a distributed systems architect with experience at  CTO, CEO, VP and Principal architect positions.  He has significant experience solving very large distributed systems problems for Fortune 50 companies.     Joe describes his rational for his involvement in the A2WH,  CorrectEnergySolutions and Renewable cooling projects.

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